Episode 53: Interview with Cosplayer Nation, convention schedules
Episode 54: Black and Decker RTX rotary tool review, packing for conventions
Episode 55: Why we cosplay, professional cosplayers
Episode 56: Armoring, beading, Photoshop
Episode 57: Armor structure, interview with Alan Irwin
Episode 58: Cosplay competition, roundtable with Tyler Touchdown, Benihime, and Velvet Rose Cosplay
Episode 59: All-Con review, cosplay questions
Episode 60: Mehron bald cap kit unboxing, mitered corners tutorial
Episode 61: PAX East review, Mehron bald cap kit review, wig cutting tutorial
Episode 62: Roundtable with Mythos Creations, Pharaohmone, and 2D Manor Costuming
Episode 63: Star Wars, 501st
Episode 64: Project A-Kon preview
Episode 65: Project A-Kon review
Episode 66: Professional photoshoots, cosplay portfolios
Episode 67: San Japan preview, GlitchCon announcement, CosPhilosophy on revealing cosplay
Episode 68: San Japan review, GlitchCon preview, Comic Con, DFW Costumers’ Guild Lost Weekend
Episode 69: GlitchCon review
Episode 70: DragonCon preview, contest winner, wig debate
Episode 71: DragonCon review
Episode 72: Elven knives tutorial, bisento tutorial, CosPhilosophy on artbook and custom-design cosplay
Episode 73: CosPhilosophy on convention culture and cosplay as an escape from reality
Episode 74: Game Companion, movie costuming
Episode 75: Halloween, After-Dark
Episode 76: BlizzCon, Anime North Texas preview, Cosplay Boom, GoFundMe controversy
Episode 77: Anime North Texas review, PBS cosplay mini-documentary, Complex article on the Golden Age of Cosplay
Episode 78: Choosing cosplays, Star Wars, race and color in cosplay
Episode 79: Interview with Li Kovacs (formerly known as PikminLink), end of year montage