We are here and ready to work!

CosPod is more than just a podcast. We are two award winning cosplayers with decades of experience on the contest scene, and in classrooms. Amber and Val have held panels and workshops around the country for everything and anything cosplay. From “Complete Armoring for Cosplay” to “All About Body Paint.” We strive to provide the best content possible for attendees.

But wait! There’s more! If your convention is looking to add more podcasters to your lineup, CosPod is here to help. We’ve also held a number of panels and round table discussions with fellow podcasters to help the next generation of voice enthusiasts get started.

With our extensive history of working behind the scenes at conventions, CosPod can also provide additional services you won’t find with other podcasts. Such as press work and AV assistance, on top of general guesting duties.

If you’d like for us to join your next event, fill out the form below along with details.