Aftersession Exclusives!

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for special Aftersession episodes you won’t find on our Feed or iTunes! Aftersessions are full of more of our zany antics, additional cosplay talk, new topics, and insight into what makes CosPod work after all these years.

Where’s the feed?

The feed is still there! If you’re subscribed to us through the RSS feed, it will still be live and active with our bi-weekly updates. As well as iTunes. So no matter where you listen/watch us, we will continue to keep it up to date. To find the feed on the homepage, the link is located next to the social media icons. We’ll also be adjusting text on the pages to add the feed in more spots.

Here’s a quick list of where you can watch:


New Site – New Look!

If you’re reading this, then congratulations! You’re one of the first to experience our new website. We’ve done some work to update the look for CosPod into something new, a bit more modern, and hopefully more user friendly for the Podders. We hope you enjoy the new site, and feel free to drop us a line if you have any suggestions to improve our site!